Hong Kong Egglets has always been a popular Hong Kong snack since the 1950s when it was first introduced. Since its inception into Singapore, Hong Kong Egglets has grown to over 10 outlets and is increasing its popularity and presence islandwide.

Entering into our Hong Kong Egglets franchise business is straightforward and simple. We provide a whole suite of training from start to end, allowing business owners to become confident and we will always ensure that they know the business inside out, from front end customer service to the back end daily operations. Franchisees will always have the full support of our Hong Kong egglets team to allow the business to grow and function with ease.

Why Us?

  • Constant growth and loyal customers to the Hong Kong Egglet Brand!
  • We have a dedicated support team to make sure you succeed in your franchise business with us!
  • New product launches and menus to keep customers engaged with us
  • Proven track record in the F&B industry in various brands
  • Hong Kong Egglet will do our utmost best to keep up to our franchisee’s standards

Training & Guidance

Hong Kong Egglet’s stores will require certain trainings and knowledge specific to our products in order for the business to run smoothly. We will provide the criteria and chekclists for our franchisees!

Store Locations

Hong Kong Egglet has over 10 stores islandwide. We are open to new suggestions and ideas of our franchisees and we will help to plan and negotiate the lease, renovations and rental development for new store openings


We want to help you grow your franchisee business. We will support you with all that you need to know and help you to succeed to the best of our ability. Our support team will always be here to cater to your needs should any issues arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the documentation on our Franchisee pack, please send us an email so we can provide you with more information

  • Hong Kong Egglet Presentation
  • Hong Kong Egglet Franchisee Costs
  • Hong Kong Egglet Business Plan
If you have any further questions regarding our franchisee program, please feel free to contact us at +(65) 9830 5988 or
After you have gone through Hong Kong Egglet’s Franchisee selection process, we will review your submission and notify you if you will be able to come on board as our partner
Hong Kong Egglet will provide all selected franchisees a full suite of training and business development programs to ensure that they know how to run a Hong Kong Egglet’s store to it’s maximum potential!
Once training has been completed, it is time for the Franchisee to take over a Hong Kong Egglet store and grow their own business with our full support!

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Hong Kong Egglet Franchise Management

Address: 6 Clementi Loop, Level 2, Singapore 129814

Telephone: (65) 6370 1155

Whatsapp/Text: (65) 9830 5988